About Us​

Pastor Rod Baker, the dedicated founder of Bridging Hunger, has a lifelong commitment to serving those in need. Pastor Rod and his wife Gloria have spent over 30 years empowering and equipping local churches to make a difference in at-risk communities in their areas through the provision of food, supplies, and necessary resources.

Over the course of the past three decades, Pastor Rod has traveled to numerous countries and across multiple continents, spreading the good news of Jesus while assisting those in need. Demonstrating his positive attitude, tireless energy, and unwavering passion, he dedicated several years to providing shelter, food, and the Gospel message in Haiti following a natural disaster.

Currently, Pastor Rod is the driving force behind Bridging Hunger, leading the operation of a 7,000-square-foot warehouse food distribution ministry located in Jenks, Oklahoma. This facility plays a vital role in supplying food to nearly 80 community partners and local pastors in rural and urban areas throughout Oklahoma. It also includes various programs such as a mobile food truck initiative that delivers hot meals to people in their respective neighborhoods, a school backpack program during the academic year, a summer Kids Food Program, with a goal to provide food to 10,000 children per week for the 10-week summer break, and disaster relief.

With a solid belief that the local church is the hope of the world, Pastor Rod, his wife Gloria, and their daughter and son-in-law, Amber and Ethan Jacobsen, also serve as co-pastors at NorthStar Church in Glenpool, OK.

Our Mission

Bridging Hunger addresses the root of food insecurity by feeding families and equipping communities with the capacity to serve their own areas. Together, we are impacting the world one person, one family, and one community at a time. Food, prayer, and hope are provided through the following programs.

Our Impact

Bridging Hunger addresses the root of food insecurity by feeding families and equipping communities with the capacity to serve their own areas. Together we are impacting the world one person, one family, and one community at a time. Food, prayer, and hope are provided through the following programs.

Mobile Food Truck

Oklahoma is ranked as the tenth most food-insecure state in the US, with one in seven adults, one in six senior citizens, and one in five children experiencing hunger daily. To address this issue, Bridging Hunger has launched a Mobile Food Truck program that serves the neediest members of the population where they live, including trailer parks, senior centers, and other locations. This program provides hot meals, groceries, blankets, and other essential supplies to those at risk in both rural and urban areas of Tulsa County, including grandparents raising their grandchildren, homeless individuals, and the neediest members of communities. All of these services are provided at no cost to those in need.

Backpack Program

In Oklahoma, a significant number of children are among the most vulnerable members of society. Shockingly, it is estimated that one in five children in the state experiences food insecurity and goes to bed hungry frequently. Bridging Hunger aims to address this concerning issue by providing backpacks to students in local schools whose families would otherwise struggle to have enough food for the weekend. This program helps to alleviate the harsh reality of food insecurity for these children and their families.

Disaster Relief

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, timely support and resources are critical to ensure the safety and well-being of those affected. Bridging Hunger is well-prepared to respond quickly to such situations, providing essential supplies such as cases of water, prepackaged food, basic necessities, and blankets to the victims. In addition to these material resources, Bridging Hunger also offers spiritual and emotional support to help those affected cope with the trauma of the disaster. This comprehensive approach helps to address not only the immediate physical needs of the victims but also their emotional and spiritual needs. Bridging Hunger’s prompt response in times of disaster can make a significant difference in the lives of those impacted, offering hope and assistance during a difficult time.

City Outreach

Over 500,000 Oklahomans experience daily hunger, struggling to find their next meal. Bridging Hunger works with ministries in rural and urban areas of Oklahoma to address this need. Our partners share our vision of using food as a means to start meaningful conversations and spread the gospel. By serving as a “bridge” between the church and those in need, we fulfill the mandate of James 1:27 to care for the widows and orphans distributing an average of 3,373 bags of food monthly to the neediest in our communities.